Monday, May 30, 2005


CivicSource has developed a monthly calendar of civic events in Massachusetts, It's an interesting tool and a project of the Commonwealth Civic Roundtable which consists of

Boston Cares
Boston Foundation
Building Impact
Discovering Justice
Leadership Metrowest
Massachusetts Campus Compact
Massachusetts Service Alliance
New Democracy Coalition
ONEin3 Boston Initiative
Social Capital Inc.
United Leaders
United Way Massachusetts Bay
University of Massachusetts Civic Initiative

I wonder if any Republicans, Libertarians, or Greens are involved.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Cold Fusion Colloquium

The 2005 Cold Fusion Colloquium

with Special Tribute to
Dr. Eugene Mallove, Cold Fusioneer, Investigator and MIT Graduate

General Topics
Science and Engineering Discussions of Cold Fusion
Material Science, Review of Present literature concerning Cold Fusion
Theoretical Understandings of Cold Fusion
Cold Fusion Device Engineering

Colloquium Schedule:
Saturday, 5/21/05, 9 AM to 5 PM Massachusetts Institute of Technology
[To register for the program, e-mail Richard Shyduroff <rdshydur@MIT.EDU>

Tentative Program:
Morning Program: Experiment Reports of Cold Fusion Systems Acoustic-induced Cold Fusion Experiments
Experimental Cold Fusion Results
Experimental Evidence of Optimal Operating Points
Palladium Catalysis of Deuterium

Late Morning Program: Theoretical Strides in Understanding of Cold Fusion Systems
Theory - Continuum Electromechanical Control of Loading
Theory - Phonons and Cold Fusion
Theory - Explanations for the Absence of Neutrons and Bremsstrahlung
Theory - Deuteron and Charge Transfer in Loaded Palladium
Theory - Ion Band States and Cold Fusion
Theory - Micro/Nano Scale High-Density Plasmas and Cold Fusion/Acoustic-Induced Cold Fusion

============ Lunch ==============

Afternoon Program: More Experimental Reports
Tribute to Dr. Eugene Mallove, Cold Fusioneer, Investigator and MIT Graduate

More Experimental Reports
Alternative Energy using Latent Energy of Water
Cold Fusion Remediation Experiments
Developments in Emerging Energy Solutions
Experiments in Alternative Energy Systems

Late Afternoon Program: Panel Discussion
Future Developments in Cold Fusion and Alternative Clean Energy Sources
Chemistry/Economics of Palladium Catalysis of Deuterium

==== Panel and Lecture Participants =========
Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Mitchell Swartz, JET Thermal Products
General Coordinator Richard Shyduroff, MIT

Prof. Peter Hagelstein, MIT
Dr. Scott Chubb
Dr. Talbot Chubb
Prof. John Dash
Prof. David Nagel
Prof. Yeong Kim
Dr. Robert Bass
Dr. Russ George
Prof. Peter Graneau
Dr. Les Case
Dr. Hal Fox
Dr. Thomas Valone

==== Location of Colloquium
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge Massachusetts
Eastman Kodak Room, 6-120 Saturday, 5/21/05, 9 AM to 4 PM

==== Pre-registration
To register for the program, e-mail Richard Shyduroff
If you have further interest in the developing technical program, or wish to help email Dr. Swartz

===== HOSTED BY:
The MIT E-Club
MIT Seminar 089
MIT Seminar 095
Cold Fusion Times
JET Thermal Products